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Ventura Cast Stone, Inc. 

Cast stone columns, precast columns, GFRC columns and products in 7 beautiful textures and 20 standard colors.     (805) 386-8185  Fax: (805) 671-9371        E-Mail (Click Envelope) Email Link

Architects, download free CAD file of our profiles, click this link

We manufacture real "Cast Stone" made from crushed limestone and white cement, the closest product to real honed limestone possible. Although our GFRC precast innovations is a beautiful product, and comes in 10 colors and 5 textures, there is no comparison when compared to Cast Stone which has a warm limestone limestone look and comes in 10 colors and 2 textures. We are the only California company offering real cast stone and we are proud of it, it is our flagship product. Cast stone has a smooth sand like texture and is perfect for pool coping as it is non slip and is cooler to the touch than GFRC.

Utilizing state of the art techniques and materials, combined with old world craftsmanship our cast stone columns, lightweight precast innovations columns, GFRC columns, pool coping, historic restoration parts and other precast innovations products are not massed produced without any character in a factory, as most other companies manufacture them. Our product is hand cast in our own original textures and designs based on the classical formal cast stone profiles of Tuscany and Southern France, the informal precast concrete stone profiles of the Mediterranean We offer a design service and can design your project from scratch or from your plans. Our variety of textures and colors is unsurpassed by anyone, hand-finished, with a choice of 7 incredible textures, some unseen before and 20 standard colors.
On the color and texture pages there are examples of each, as well as a general written description.
Ventura Cast Stone, Inc is one of the most respected architectural precast, GFRC and cast stone companies based in the greater Los Angeles, California area. Unlike most companies, we are licensed, bonded, have general liability, workers compensation insurance, we have our own experienced installers and are recognized for our high quality craftsmanship, for finishing projects on schedule and within budget. We take pride in our work and our ability to relate to and relieve the concerns of the homeowner, architect, and contractor.             


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"Green Building" at Ventura Cast Stone our green precast, cast stone and GFRC products are 100% recyclable and are made from natural sands, cement and specialized aggregates.
At Ventura Cast Stone we are committed to helping you build green, sustainable projects. Our green GFRC products have been specified and used on several LEED® Certified Projects.
The following information will help you determine how our green GFRC products can help you attain your LEED® certification and contribute toward the performance of the building.

Possible LEED® Credits with Ventura Cast Stone green GFRC:

NAHB Green Building

For projects seeking "NAHB Voluntary Model Green Home Building Guidelines" Ventura Cast Stone GFRC offers:

bullet2.7.1 Products that contain fewer resources than traditional products (Our products are mostly made with 3-4 materials and natural integral coloring pigments)
bullet2.2.8 Termite resistant materials (green GFRC is termite and fire resistant)
bullet2.1.5 No additional finish resources to complete onsite application  (No staining, painting, sealing or surface coatings needed)
bullet2.8.1 locally available materials  (Our natural materials are mostly mined within 30 miles of our plant)



For projects seeking USGBC LEED Certification Ventura Cast Stone green GFRC may contribute up to 27 points toward LEED certification.  See below.

bulletID2.1 Durability and Planning Credit
bulletID 2.2 Indoor Moisture Control
bulletID2.4 Third Party Durability Inspection, SSc5 Pest Control Alternative,
bulletMR 4.1 and 4.2 Recycled Content
bulletMR 5.1 and 5.2 Regional Materials

Advantages of green GFRC for Green Building

bulletLow toxicity raw materials: Cement, sand, glass fibers natural coloring pigments and water  ( We can also use waterproofing additives)
bulletDurable, stain resistant, long lasting materials reduce replacement, maintenance and repair 
bulletOur green GFRC is supplied integrally colored with standard textures to eliminate VOC's during painting  (Our products come in 10 standard integral colors)
bulletNon-combustible GFRC meets ASTM E136
bulletLightweight foam coated precast products use 80% less material than precast

We can also use recycled aggregates such as recycled concrete, recycled water, and fly ash.
To achieve our sanded finish, we use natural sand and water which is used like sandpaper to remove the smooth cement surface and expose the aggregates, we also re-use the by-product of
this procedure (i.e. cement, sand water).
We like green GFRC because it produces a very lightweight and durable material that is easy to install. The end product is very strong and may be installed as thin as 3/4" which is practically impossible to do with any other concrete or cementitious material.

Green GFRC technology is considered environmentally friendly and very appealing when considering green building alternatives. Green does not only mean environmentally friendly but also sustainability, the more a product will last the more sustainable it is, also counting toward greenness are amount of waste generated during the process, how much of the ingredients are recycled material such as fly ash and how much maintenance will it need during the life of the product.

In addition to being strong and lightweight, green GFRC also offer a greater variety of option and finishing styles, another great advantage is that the materials very strong and not brittle like concrete which allows us to install anywhere without much risk.



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Our Cast stone San Francisco historic restoration and  precast and GFRC concrete columns and products are CDI Precast molded, hand cast and manufactured near Los Angeles precast innovation pool coping, California and Napa Valley cast stone precast as are our, San Francisco precast and GFRC columns, balusters and pool coping.
Many of our projects are in San Francisco precast, Santa Barbara precast Victorian Designs. Sandtone designs. CDI concrete design including Santa Barbara sandstone look-alike precast innovations columns, Palm Springs columns, Beverly Hills precast columns and precast concrete pool coping, Malibu columns and Orange County, California precast columns historic restoration .
Cast stone and precast concrete installation Los Angeles Cast Stone projects are also regularly undertaken in Palm Springs, Orange County, Beverly Hills, Napa Valley Precast Santa Monica including precast concrete historic restoration columns,  in Malibu, Ventura, San Francisco precast innovations and Santa Barbara pool coping . 
Each piece is carefully hand laid into special Hawaii precast reinforced sandstone design Napa Valley Cast Stone molds and hand finished after removal
Many of our recent projects are Paramount Precast commercial napa valley cast stone in Ventura County and precast columns in the City of Santa Monica, and commercial CDI precast innovations columns in Beverly Hills California.
Our products consist of concrete pool coping Santa Barbara columns, architectural Paramount precast foam coated precast Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara stone Victorian Designs balusters, sandstone designs and our sandstone design own concrete design window/door trim, Los Angeles, California simulated Los Angeles Cast Stone Hawaii precast stone columns, concrete balustrade, our own concrete design precast balusters. Also Victorian Designs san francisco cast stone columns precast columns and cast stone window & door trim, pool coping our own sandstone design and concrete pool coping, CDI precast wall caps Los Angeles Cast Stone or concrete wall caps in the Malibu area.
We have many commercial precast innovation columns and Victorian Designs or sandstone design of many kinds installed in the Los Angeles area Napa Valley Cast Stone Precast, including fineline precast in Malibu, Victorian Designs Beverly Hills foam coated precast columns and  Los Angeles fineline precast columns.
We use a fineline with San Francisco precast when making Santa Barbara precast products and Santa Barbara sandstone columns including Beverly Hills concrete design precast.

We also install our new line of Cantera stone columns, easy homeowner installation CDI or "Can Do It"  precast columns and we do our own concrete design ,  CDI is short for "Can Do It" precast innovations columns, San Francisco precast stone cast stone columns and balustrade, California precast products, CDI "Can Do It" precast, San francisco precast  moldings and stairs. We also supply and  install CDI "Can Do It" precast innovations concrete window and   door trim, Sierra stone products, using our own Napa Valley precast stone concrete design, full weight precast pool coping and Los Angeles Cast Stone granite or limestone products, Paramount Precast California commercial fineline precast, cast stone and GFRC columns, San Francisco precast historic restoration or limestone moldings and  fireplace mantles. We manufacture our own concrete molds. We have many limestone and sandstone design installed in the Los Angeles area.

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We have many colors and textures to choose from in our cast stone and precast concrete pool coping product line.